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We tested the new Google Pixel 4 XL, and this is what we think.

On October 15, Google launched its new flagship phone, the Pixel 4. It has arrived in two almost identical models, except for its size.

Since Pixel 3 came out last year, it became my phone on the market, primarily because of its camera. I discovered that it is not perfect. And that it has some details that I hope have some things fixed on the new Google flagship phone.

Could it be that the new Google phone will become the best in the market and will stand out again for its camera? To answer these questions, I have tried the new Pixel 4 XL for several days, and I tell you all my impressions.

Google has taken pains to offer a more refined design in Pixel 4, although, in essence, it remains the same. On the front, you will find a camera to take selfies and a smarter and smarter screen, since it is now able to recognize your face to unlock your phone.

However, it still has the traditional bezels that Google shows on their phones, and that currently looks a bit obsolete.

In the back, you …
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Samsung reports a security flaw in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

The company acknowledged that these devices have a failure to detect fingerprints and will update the software to remedy it.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 device, you run the risk of a security breach. Some users noticed a failure in the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that comes on the screen of these devices, as this can be tricked with unregistered fingerprints. And a third-party silicone screen protector to unlock the tools and to authenticate payments.

For this reason, Samsung reported that it will update the software to protect the security and privacy of users who have these two smartphone models, and will do so the following week. While that is happening, the company suggests users remove the silicone screen protectors from their devices, then delete and re-register their fingerprints and wait for the system update.

This problem involved ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that unlock devices after recognizing three-dimensional patterns. That appears in some instance…

Faults in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 reader.

Failure in the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 in all its Plus and 5G variants has generated a substantial controversy around the South Korean transnational. Which has presented a problem of the ultrasonic sensor, a technology incorporated just into the latter Models?

According to customers and press media, it seems that some screen protectors generate an air layer between the display and the cover, which interferes with the operation of the ultrasonic reader, which is below the show.

The company recognized this problem, through an official statement and warned that a software update would be released to solve this problem.

It refers to the problem involving ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that unlock devices after recognizing three-dimensional patterns that appear in some instances of silicone screen protection as user fingerprints.

To avoid further problems, the company recommends Galaxy Note10 / 10 + and S10 / S10 + / S10 5G users to use such covers that remove…

Announces the end of Windows 7 Pro

The Microsoft company warns its customers that Windows 7 Pro will stop receiving official support.

After almost ten years of life, Windows 7 Pro will cease to exist, or what is the same, it will not have more official support as Microsoft announced. This week it was known that the company has decided to extend end-of-support notifications to devices with this version.

How does this translate?

As those who are still using Windows 7, Pro Service Pack 1 will receive the update KB4524752 on their systems.

It is responsible for displaying a pop-up message on the desktop, indicating that on January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will officially cease to be supported.

Before this, Windows 7 Home Premium users had been receiving these messages since March-April. From now on, the notification is extended to the Pro version for customers to take the corresponding measures.

While Windows 10 is doing quite well in terms of growth and recently reached 900 million installations.

It only puts it with 50% of t…

What is the Pixelbook Go, the new economic laptop from Google?

The new economic laptop from Google that is considered the lightest computer in the Mountain View company.

Called Pixelbook Go, it is the new economic laptop from Google that is considered the lightest computer in the Mountain View company so far. And it will have the latest processors on the market, which will allow it to support workloads.

As it became known in the international press, the new technology will be available in black and pink. It was presented this week at the event where it showed the latest in the hardware catalog.

In general terms, it is the lightest computer in the company based in Mountain View focused on the ease of transportation.

It is estimated that it weighs less than one kilo and is 13 mm thick. It was designed with silent Hush Keys keys that have backlighting for ease of use regardless of ambient light.

Its battery promises to give the device autonomy for up to 12 hours and a quick charge. These features make it ideal for people who spend a lot of time awa…

More megapixels in the cell phone camera does not mean better photos

The truth is that the belief that more megapixels will give us a higher quality photo is false.

The mere fact that a cell phone camera has more megapixels is not a unique condition for you to achieve better photos.

While the number guides many consumers because ultimately, five megapixels do not sound as good as eight, if the camera produces excellent photos, this is not an express guide.

The secret behind this way of labeling a cell phone camera only states that the number of megapixels alone is a lousy way to predict photographic performance.

As the American Scientific American magazine states, to explain this well, we have to keep in mind that the megapixel figure refers to the resolution of the camera.

The resolution affects image size, not quality. It gives us an idea of how much we can enlarge an image without losing sharpness.

Meanwhile, the dual cameras, so popular lately, aim to improve both the depth effect and the focus on the images.

That is, if you want to print your pho…

Google will have its first smartphone with 5G.

A publication revealed that the Pixel 5G is already in the testing phase and could be presented next week with the new Google Pixel 4 cell phone model.

As the saying would say, between heaven and earth, there is nothing hidden, and if the technology is the thing is even worse. And it is that an Asian publication revealed that the Pixel 5G is already in the testing phase and could be presented next week with the new Google Pixel 4 cell phone model.

When next week Google presents its new model, some more surprises could appear for the public and its competitors, with its first 5G mobile phone.

As reported, the new model of your smartphone next to the clock with internet access and the next laptop, all October 15, which is known, will still have a 4G network.

However, if the speculations were correct, Google would win the race to Apple by seeing who launches a smartphone with 5G first.

The fifth-generation network (5G) is a fundamental part of the next stage of wireless technology.

Not …