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We tested the new Google Pixel 4 XL, and this is what we think.

On October 15, Google launched its new flagship phone, the Pixel 4. It has arrived in two almost identical models, except for its size.

Since Pixel 3 came out last year, it became my phone on the market, primarily because of its camera. I discovered that it is not perfect. And that it has some details that I hope have some things fixed on the new Google flagship phone.

Could it be that the new Google phone will become the best in the market and will stand out again for its camera? To answer these questions, I have tried the new Pixel 4 XL for several days, and I tell you all my impressions.

Google has taken pains to offer a more refined design in Pixel 4, although, in essence, it remains the same. On the front, you will find a camera to take selfies and a smarter and smarter screen, since it is now able to recognize your face to unlock your phone.

However, it still has the traditional bezels that Google shows on their phones, and that currently looks a bit obsolete.

In the back, you …

Samsung reports a security flaw in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

The company acknowledged that these devices have a failure to detect fingerprints and will update the software to remedy it.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 device, you run the risk of a security breach. Some users noticed a failure in the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that comes on the screen of these devices, as this can be tricked with unregistered fingerprints. And a third-party silicone screen protector to unlock the tools and to authenticate payments.

For this reason, Samsung reported that it will update the software to protect the security and privacy of users who have these two smartphone models, and will do so the following week. While that is happening, the company suggests users remove the silicone screen protectors from their devices, then delete and re-register their fingerprints and wait for the system update.

This problem involved ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that unlock devices after recognizing three-dimensional patterns. That appears in some instance…

Faults in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 reader.

Failure in the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 in all its Plus and 5G variants has generated a substantial controversy around the South Korean transnational. Which has presented a problem of the ultrasonic sensor, a technology incorporated just into the latter Models?

According to customers and press media, it seems that some screen protectors generate an air layer between the display and the cover, which interferes with the operation of the ultrasonic reader, which is below the show.

The company recognized this problem, through an official statement and warned that a software update would be released to solve this problem.

It refers to the problem involving ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that unlock devices after recognizing three-dimensional patterns that appear in some instances of silicone screen protection as user fingerprints.

To avoid further problems, the company recommends Galaxy Note10 / 10 + and S10 / S10 + / S10 5G users to use such covers that remove…

Announces the end of Windows 7 Pro

The Microsoft company warns its customers that Windows 7 Pro will stop receiving official support.

After almost ten years of life, Windows 7 Pro will cease to exist, or what is the same, it will not have more official support as Microsoft announced. This week it was known that the company has decided to extend end-of-support notifications to devices with this version.

How does this translate?

As those who are still using Windows 7, Pro Service Pack 1 will receive the update KB4524752 on their systems.

It is responsible for displaying a pop-up message on the desktop, indicating that on January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will officially cease to be supported.

Before this, Windows 7 Home Premium users had been receiving these messages since March-April. From now on, the notification is extended to the Pro version for customers to take the corresponding measures.

While Windows 10 is doing quite well in terms of growth and recently reached 900 million installations.

It only puts it with 50% of t…

What is the Pixelbook Go, the new economic laptop from Google?

The new economic laptop from Google that is considered the lightest computer in the Mountain View company.

Called Pixelbook Go, it is the new economic laptop from Google that is considered the lightest computer in the Mountain View company so far. And it will have the latest processors on the market, which will allow it to support workloads.

As it became known in the international press, the new technology will be available in black and pink. It was presented this week at the event where it showed the latest in the hardware catalog.

In general terms, it is the lightest computer in the company based in Mountain View focused on the ease of transportation.

It is estimated that it weighs less than one kilo and is 13 mm thick. It was designed with silent Hush Keys keys that have backlighting for ease of use regardless of ambient light.

Its battery promises to give the device autonomy for up to 12 hours and a quick charge. These features make it ideal for people who spend a lot of time awa…

More megapixels in the cell phone camera does not mean better photos

The truth is that the belief that more megapixels will give us a higher quality photo is false.

The mere fact that a cell phone camera has more megapixels is not a unique condition for you to achieve better photos.

While the number guides many consumers because ultimately, five megapixels do not sound as good as eight, if the camera produces excellent photos, this is not an express guide.

The secret behind this way of labeling a cell phone camera only states that the number of megapixels alone is a lousy way to predict photographic performance.

As the American Scientific American magazine states, to explain this well, we have to keep in mind that the megapixel figure refers to the resolution of the camera.

The resolution affects image size, not quality. It gives us an idea of how much we can enlarge an image without losing sharpness.

Meanwhile, the dual cameras, so popular lately, aim to improve both the depth effect and the focus on the images.

That is, if you want to print your pho…

Google will have its first smartphone with 5G.

A publication revealed that the Pixel 5G is already in the testing phase and could be presented next week with the new Google Pixel 4 cell phone model.

As the saying would say, between heaven and earth, there is nothing hidden, and if the technology is the thing is even worse. And it is that an Asian publication revealed that the Pixel 5G is already in the testing phase and could be presented next week with the new Google Pixel 4 cell phone model.

When next week Google presents its new model, some more surprises could appear for the public and its competitors, with its first 5G mobile phone.

As reported, the new model of your smartphone next to the clock with internet access and the next laptop, all October 15, which is known, will still have a 4G network.

However, if the speculations were correct, Google would win the race to Apple by seeing who launches a smartphone with 5G first.

The fifth-generation network (5G) is a fundamental part of the next stage of wireless technology.

Not …

Instagram sports its dark mode for iOS and Android.

The popular app has its own dark mode version for iOS and Android.

Ensuring that the dark mode will not affect the quality, brightness, or color of the images, Instagram is presented with a renewed update for iOS and Android.

With this modality, the applications and interfaces of the devices allow us to save battery and to rest the sight, which is attractive for the users. Given this digital trend, Instagram, one of the most popular applications in the world, has decided to implement this model in the most current versions of Android and iOS.

Although a couple of weeks ago, some people already enjoyed this way, thanks to the beta update of Instagram, they can already do it safely and stably.

From now on, it is possible to notice a higher contrast. Since the background is a black dye with vivid white colors. This to access more simply the options available within the photography application.

In this case, the dark mode implementation will not have an option to activate or deactivate m…

Now you can also delete the messages in WhatsApp

One of the most used messaging applications incorporates the option to delete messages in the time you schedule.

Have you always dreamed of deleting messages in WhatsApp? Well, now the application could make your wishes come true, as offered by another app as used as Telegram. When and how? Cubital tells you.

The truth is that the messenger giant worried about incorporating this option that has been boasted by another social network in vogue like Telegram.

So far, WhatsApp has only announced that the option to delete messages is available in trial mode, in a beta version.

With this change, the app will allow you to program the self-destruct time of the shipments. As confirmed by the users who exploit this possibility, the times are conceived in three options: never, five seconds and one hour.

When the option to delete messages in the chosen time is chosen, the shipments will disappear from the chat as Telegram offers with its ephemeral emails.

What has not yet been defined, or at lea…

Goodbye to Messenger and WhatsApp? The new Instagram app is for messaging.

This week the new Instagram app that will allow more private messaging with some friends was launched to the world.

The world greets the new Instagram app. Few predict that this more straightforward and more intimate application could forever displace Messenger and WhatsApp. What has threads that do not have others? We tell you

For starters, the new Instagram app for messaging can only be used with close friends. Have you not used the option launched by the social network since last November? Well, it is time for you to choose good friends to enter this category that allows more privacy.

Threads allow Thursday to share images, texts, and videos faster. In addition to opening directly on the camera. The application works intuitively with some movements that you always do, and you had not noticed.

Another advantage of the new Instagram app is that you can customize the type of relationship you have with each friend. And so you will give each person the benefits you decide, and you will…

How to better save mobile data on your Android?

We share some tricks to save more effectively your mobile data on Android.

How to save is never too much, and less in recent times.

Today, Cubatel shares a series of tricks that you can take advantage of to stretch your mobile data rate better if you use Android. Especially in the holiday periods and more active.

To start, it is essential that you start limiting some applications. An easy way to know which application is the one that is using the most data is by checking the use of mobile data in the settings. From here, you can access greater precision what the most significant cause in your data rate is.

Another element to keep in mind is that both streaming video and video calls consume a large volume since they transmit many images and audio.

With this, we add that, in the case of music, for example, is continually listening to it can quickly deplete the data rate. Something similar happens with the images. If you see an icon, you should not have a problem, but if you look at on…

Three Chinese brands (and cheaper) that will make you doubt the iPhone 11.

Made in China is no longer a concern. Unlike. If it is phones, it can be the certainty that you have invested your money in a brand that will do the same as the most famous and, the best: it was cheaper!

This is the case of three Chinese brands that will undoubtedly make you forget the latest news from Apple: the iPhone 11.

While a few years ago, Chinese brands were merely copying the functionalities of Apple phones. They are now pioneers in the launch of terminals such as 5 G. A band that the US monopoly has not yet reached.

That is why Apple presents photography as the main course and includes three lenses with different focal lengths on the iPhone 11. The point is that it came too late. The OPPO Reno and the Huawei P30 Pro, for example, already offered a similar combination of lenses and, even, went further by including periscopic cameras with a five-magnification optical zoom.

If you are a technology lover, these tips will help you. Learn which Chinese brands could do the same as…

New virus detected in Google Play that steals money from its victims.

This is a new Trojan that was found in 24 Google Play applications.

Users of the Google Play online application repository are exposed to a new Trojan virus that can steal users' personal data. But also their money in real-time has been detected in 24 applications.

An article published on the Medium platform warns. The virus has been called Joker and was detected by the company's malware analyst CSIS Security Group, Aleksejs Kuprins.

It is estimated that about 37 countries, including the US, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain, may be affected by the virus.

The virus is intended to silently enroll users in premium subscription services and thus steal them up to $ 7 per week, as detected by Kuprins in the case of Denmark.

Kuprins stressed that it is difficult to notice the existence of these subscriptions unless a user is very diligent in verifying their monthly credit card statements.

Also, international reports warn that ‘Joker’ can steal the victim’s contact list and information o…

Nokia is named the best smartphone brand in the market.

Nokia has turned out to be the best smartphone brand in the market.

Nokia, the Finnish company, beats all its rivals - Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo - in terms of a critical aspect: operating system updates, and is crowned as the best brand of ‘smartphones’ in the market, at least on Android.

As recently reported, according to a study, almost 96% of Nokia devices have Android version 9, called Pie. In comparison, only 89% of Samsung smartphones, 84% of Xiaomi, and 82% of Huawei are up to date. In this regard, the worst brands of devices are Tecno (5%), Alcatel (14%), and LG (16%).

But why the updates are so important. Well, to better understand, we tell you that each company tries to carry out its own adjustments to the operating system.

So, if an update comes from Google, they should adapt it to their respective models. If you are not aware, the devices may be at risk of external interventions or catastrophic failures.

Hence, companies now fight fiercely for the dominance of the m…

A new mobile phone to return to the past

Light Phone II is a new mobile phone that does not allow access to the internet or to several apps. Plan to cure addiction

Would you buy a new mobile phone that only serves to return to the past? Well, that's the bet that the creators of Light Phone II have made, with the purpose that their invention will cure internet addiction.

This new mobile phone was created by the American company Light, based in New York. And it presents a black and white and small screen.

Contrary to all the technology of smartphones, the new mobile phone will only have essential functions such as calls and messages. Nor will it have internet of any kind, in addition to limiting the installation of applications that can steal time from the user.

Although the online reservation of the new mobile phone costs $ 350, the company believes that this is a good idea for people to face their internet addiction.

Another distinction of the premiere product is that it has its own operating system, called lights. This…

Google's operating system will be available - Android 10.

Well, yes, friends and followers of Android. Today Cubatel tells you that Google's new operating system will be officially launched for Pixel phones this Tuesday, according to media reports.

In the reports provided by Android support agents to the Phone Arena site,

It has been known that the update would begin to be available from September 3, although it will take a little longer for the other manufacturers.

At this first moment, it is expected to reach all Pixel devices, including the Pixel 3, 3XL, 3rd, and 3rd XL, as well as older models such as the Pixel 2, 2 XL, XL, and the original Pixel.

In this way, Google fulfills its promise to grant two years of software updates and three years of free security assistance to the first users of its smartphone line.

Google had previously confirmed that the operating system update would take place between September 23 and December 21. However, it seems that only users who do not have Pixel will have to wait so long.

Experts estimate a pe…