Light Phone II is a new mobile phone that does not allow access to the internet or to several apps. Plan to cure addiction

A new mobile phone to return to the past
A new mobile phone to return to the past

Would you buy a new mobile phone that only serves to return to the past? Well, that's the bet that the creators of Light Phone II have made, with the purpose that their invention will cure internet addiction.

This new mobile phone was created by the American company Light, based in New York. And it presents a black and white and small screen.

Contrary to all the technology of smartphones, the new mobile phone will only have essential functions such as calls and messages. Nor will it have internet of any kind, in addition to limiting the installation of applications that can steal time from the user.

Although the online reservation of the new mobile phone costs $ 350, the company believes that this is a good idea for people to face their internet addiction.

Another distinction of the premiere product is that it has its own operating system, called lights. This will make it more difficult for other applications to adapt.

The creators have been concerned with creating the most necessary for their invention: maps, transport, and music reproduction. The rest of the ideas are already part of the addiction market. According to the defenders of the new mobile phone.

The product is still open to the public and their opinions. The owners of the idea want to know what tools their users consider that the artifact that arrives to return them to the past could not be missing.

Will the crazy idea work? Is returning to the beginning of everything the best way to cure yourself of the vice of the internet? Isn't it too tempting to go out into a world full of smartphones?

Time will tell. Maybe we all ended up with the new mobile phone, and using Light Phone II has been said. What do you think? I doubt it a bit.

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