The Microsoft company warns its customers that Windows 7 Pro will stop receiving official support.

Announces the end of Windows 7 Pro
Announces the end of Windows 7 Pro
After almost ten years of life, Windows 7 Pro will cease to exist, or what is the same, it will not have more official support as Microsoft announced. This week it was known that the company has decided to extend end-of-support notifications to devices with this version.

How does this translate?

As those who are still using Windows 7, Pro Service Pack 1 will receive the update KB4524752 on their systems.

It is responsible for displaying a pop-up message on the desktop, indicating that on January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will officially cease to be supported.

Before this, Windows 7 Home Premium users had been receiving these messages since March-April. From now on, the notification is extended to the Pro version for customers to take the corresponding measures.

While Windows 10 is doing quite well in terms of growth and recently reached 900 million installations.

It only puts it with 50% of the market share of all the world's computers. The next highest portion of the pie Windows 7 eats it with around 30% share, refer figures from NetMarketShare and StatCounter.

However, this decision will put hundreds of millions of computers updated, with a solution that recalls what happened to the XP era. For this, Microsoft already has several plans in place to extend support in some cases by offering security updates until January 2023 to customers who meet certain conditions, and who pays.

That will not happen with the rest of the users. In this case, the company has set up a support page explaining in detail what the end of Windows 7 support means.

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