Failure in the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 in all its Plus and 5G variants has generated a substantial controversy around the South Korean transnational. Which has presented a problem of the ultrasonic sensor, a technology incorporated just into the latter Models?
Warn of faults in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 reader
Warn of faults in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 reader

According to customers and press media, it seems that some screen protectors generate an air layer between the display and the cover, which interferes with the operation of the ultrasonic reader, which is below the show.

The company recognized this problem, through an official statement and warned that a software update would be released to solve this problem.

It refers to the problem involving ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that unlock devices after recognizing three-dimensional patterns that appear in some instances of silicone screen protection as user fingerprints.

To avoid further problems, the company recommends Galaxy Note10 / 10 + and S10 / S10 + / S10 5G users to use such covers that remove them, delete all registered fingerprints and register them again.

If you currently use front screen protective covers, to ensure optimal fingerprint scanning. Avoid using this cover until your device has been updated with a new software patch.

It is planned to launch a software update starting next week. And once it is updated, be sure to scan the fingerprint in its entirety.

So that all parts of your fingerprint, including the center and corners, have been scanned thoroughly.

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