This week the new Instagram app that will allow more private messaging with some friends was launched to the world.

Goodbye to Messenger and WhatsApp? The new Instagram app is for messaging.
Goodbye to Messenger and WhatsApp? The new Instagram app is for messaging.

The world greets the new Instagram app. Few predict that this more straightforward and more intimate application could forever displace Messenger and WhatsApp. What has threads that do not have others? We tell you

For starters, the new Instagram app for messaging can only be used with close friends. Have you not used the option launched by the social network since last November? Well, it is time for you to choose good friends to enter this category that allows more privacy.

Threads allow Thursday to share images, texts, and videos faster. In addition to opening directly on the camera. The application works intuitively with some movements that you always do, and you had not noticed.

Another advantage of the new Instagram app is that you can customize the type of relationship you have with each friend. And so you will give each person the benefits you decide, and you will share them the way you choose.

The messaging application also has the attractive option of a status screen that is visible for a defined time. In this, everyday situations are shared through emojis or predetermined phrases that reveal the moment we are living.

Threadworks for Android and iOS. And so far, the criticism he has received has to do with the choice of automatic status. With this step activated, the new Instagram app allows our close friends to know the exact location we are in.

Threads staff makes it clear that everyone decides what access they give to their lives. The new Instagram app promises not to use the data for any public information. And it grants the power to sue if the user perceives such violation.

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