We share some tricks to save more effectively your mobile data on Android.

How to better save mobile data on your Android?

How to save is never too much, and less in recent times.

Today, Cubatel shares a series of tricks that you can take advantage of to stretch your mobile data rate better if you use Android. Especially in the holiday periods and more active.

To start, it is essential that you start limiting some applications. An easy way to know which application is the one that is using the most data is by checking the use of mobile data in the settings. From here, you can access greater precision what the most significant cause in your data rate is.

Another element to keep in mind is that both streaming video and video calls consume a large volume since they transmit many images and audio.

With this, we add that, in the case of music, for example, is continually listening to it can quickly deplete the data rate. Something similar happens with the images. If you see an icon, you should not have a problem, but if you look at one picture after another, you could consume data faster than the audio.

Saving modes
A proper technique is to implement the so-called data saving modes, which usually limit audio, image, or video formats, in addition to compressing the information we end up receiving.

In the configuration options of social network applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we also have data saving modes.

Remember also that in the case of applications like WhatsApp or Telegram can be a problem if we have the automatic download of files, images, audios, or videos.

And about automatic downloads, the best advice is to keep downloads of this type only by Wi-Fi, or even disable them entirely if we want to save space on the device. For favorite playlists, a movie, or a series, the best variant is to download it while you have Wi-Fi. The same applies when you have the map of your city or the city you are going to visit downloaded on the device.

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