Nokia has turned out to be the best smartphone brand in the market.

Nokia is named the best smartphone brand in the market.
Nokia is named the best smartphone brand in the market.

Nokia, the Finnish company, beats all its rivals - Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo - in terms of a critical aspect: operating system updates, and is crowned as the best brand of ‘smartphones’ in the market, at least on Android.

As recently reported, according to a study, almost 96% of Nokia devices have Android version 9, called Pie. In comparison, only 89% of Samsung smartphones, 84% of Xiaomi, and 82% of Huawei are up to date. In this regard, the worst brands of devices are Tecno (5%), Alcatel (14%), and LG (16%).

But why the updates are so important. Well, to better understand, we tell you that each company tries to carry out its own adjustments to the operating system.

So, if an update comes from Google, they should adapt it to their respective models. If you are not aware, the devices may be at risk of external interventions or catastrophic failures.

Hence, companies now fight fiercely for the dominance of the mobile device market, imposing the news that can highlight the product and increase sales.

In this case, the fact that Nokia has the best smartphone on the market is not a hyperbole, since users can at least rely on the best security standards.

Nokia Corporation is a multinational communications and technology company based in the Keilaniemi district of Espoo, Finland. It is formed by two business groups: Nokia Networks (Telecommunications Networks) and Nokia Technologies.

Together with Apple, Nokia has been the most valuable company in terms of mobile industry development in history. With the resurgence of the new Nokia with Android, they have entered the market as a revived classic.

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