One of the most used messaging applications incorporates the option to delete messages in the time you schedule.

Now you can also delete the messages in WhatsApp
Now you can also delete the messages in WhatsApp.

Have you always dreamed of deleting messages in WhatsApp? Well, now the application could make your wishes come true, as offered by another app as used as Telegram. When and how? Cubital tells you.

The truth is that the messenger giant worried about incorporating this option that has been boasted by another social network in vogue like Telegram.

So far, WhatsApp has only announced that the option to delete messages is available in trial mode, in a beta version.

With this change, the app will allow you to program the self-destruct time of the shipments. As confirmed by the users who exploit this possibility, the times are conceived in three options: never, five seconds and one hour.

When the option to delete messages in the chosen time is chosen, the shipments will disappear from the chat as Telegram offers with its ephemeral emails.

What has not yet been defined, or at least it is not clear in any WhatsApp statement, is whether this application will promise the same as Telegram.

And it is that the Russian company ensures that, once the messages have been deleted, none of the texts or conversations will be archived. That is, there is no possible footprint behind a deleted chat in that app.

It also remains to be determined whether the new WhatsApp option can be used in private chats. As far as it is shown in the beta version, this functionality can only be accessed in group chats. Also, it still appears in hidden mode.

For now, we have to wait until the option is available for the majority. And we still don't know when that time will come. Can we delete private messages very soon? Or will we still have to wait a long time? At least we go the desired way. WhatsApp will always decide the rest.

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