Made in China is no longer a concern. Unlike. If it is phones, it can be the certainty that you have invested your money in a brand that will do the same as the most famous and, the best: it was cheaper!

Three Chinese brands (and cheaper) that will make you doubt the iPhone 11

This is the case of three Chinese brands that will undoubtedly make you forget the latest news from Apple: the iPhone 11.

While a few years ago, Chinese brands were merely copying the functionalities of Apple phones. They are now pioneers in the launch of terminals such as 5 G. A band that the US monopoly has not yet reached.

That is why Apple presents photography as the main course and includes three lenses with different focal lengths on the iPhone 11. The point is that it came too late. The OPPO Reno and the Huawei P30 Pro, for example, already offered a similar combination of lenses and, even, went further by including periscopic cameras with a five-magnification optical zoom.

If you are a technology lover, these tips will help you. Learn which Chinese brands could do the same as the iPhone 11, for a lower price.

Nubia Z20

The Nubia Z20 has three cameras and a second 5.1-inch screen on the back. Also, its primary camera can record videos in 8K resolution at 15 fps and 4K at 60 fps, as does the iPhone.

As for disadvantages, these phones are not waterproof, nor can they be charged wirelessly.

Although it is a challenging year for the second-largest telemarketer in the world (by the veto of Donald Trump). The Chinese brand was scheduled to keep the P30 receiving updates. As well as the rest of its phones in the market.

Although its price is quite similar to that of the iPhone 11 (that's why it ranks last on the list), it is an excellent phone capable of taking the picture to a higher level.

Its periscope cameras use a mirror system to achieve a 5X optical zoom that can be multiplied tenfold digitally. Also, the Huawei P30 Pro has Leica lenses and has a fast charge of 40W, which is also wireless and reverse. That means the phone could charge another wireless device.

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