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We tested the new Google Pixel 4 XL, and this is what we think.

On October 15, Google launched its new flagship phone, the Pixel 4. It has arrived in two almost identical models, except for its size.

We tested the new Google Pixel 4 XL, and this is what we think.
We tested the new Google Pixel 4 XL, and this is what we think.

Since Pixel 3 came out last year, it became my phone on the market, primarily because of its camera. I discovered that it is not perfect. And that it has some details that I hope have some things fixed on the new Google flagship phone.

Could it be that the new Google phone will become the best in the market and will stand out again for its camera? To answer these questions, I have tried the new Pixel 4 XL for several days, and I tell you all my impressions.

Google has taken pains to offer a more refined design in Pixel 4, although, in essence, it remains the same. On the front, you will find a camera to take selfies and a smarter and smarter screen, since it is now able to recognize your face to unlock your phone.

However, it still has the traditional bezels that Google shows on their phones, and that currently looks a bit obsolete.

In the back, you will find a cleaner surface, since it only has a black square that encompasses two cameras and the letter G from Google that stands out at the bottom.

The fingerprint button has been removed, which previously allowed you to unlock the phone. It has been replaced by facial recognition, which makes the phone more modern.

As for the design, Google has managed to create the thinnest screen phone compared to an iPhone 11. For example, the fact that it is thinner allows us to grip better. Feel firmer in our hands and less prone to let it go or suffer a spectacular fall.

What we still can't understand is because the Pixel 4 bezels are brushed aluminum and not stainless steel or a type of chrome steel. That feels much better to the touch, and that other manufacturers' flagship phones have. The aluminum of the Google phone makes the feeling rough compared to an Apple or a Samsung.

Pixel 4 and 4 XL is in three colors: black, white, and a version that they have called "no Pink."

First level performance

If at the time of buying a phone, your priority is to be fast and do not stay hung while you play or use some applications. Without a doubt, the new Google phone is a great option.

Numbers aside, it feels softer than any other Android phone you have used. That is a combination of the processing power, the screen, and the Google software domain.

Not to mention that Google no longer offers free and unlimited backups of full-resolution photos.

The application called Recorder stands out, which allows you to record your voice and transcribe everything you have said. Save it as a document and send it.

Most of the tests I performed with this function were impressive. At the time of recording my voice, the application was able to transcribe almost instantly everything it said.

One of the things I did not like is that it is only available in English, which means you cannot transcribe in Spanish. Mainly, I tried, but as you can see in the photo, the result was not successful.

In any case, Google assured that this function would be available in other languages very soon, and also, the service itself corroborates it through a message.

Read your gestures effortlessly
Another of the great features of Pixel 4 is its ability to read a few gestures of your hands to silence calls, turn off your alarm, and even play with your wallpapers.

Just by making a gesture with your arm as if you were waving, you can silence a call while you are in a meeting, without meaning to divert it completely.

The most exciting thing is that you can move the same arm to pause your alarm. Since it does not turn off completely, it will sound again in five minutes.

Over the years, Google phones have stood out for two notable qualities: their high performance and the quality of their photos.

For starters, you will now find two cameras on the back so you can have more excellent range than you want to photograph, without having to lose focus.

As we expected, in our tests, we managed to capture sharp, focused, and precise images. Best of all, now, with two cameras, you can easily play with the zoom and light input to achieve an almost professional photo.

Honestly, as a photography lover, it was something that I liked, but maybe the one who looks for ease and speed when taking a picture can be a disadvantage.

 It is something that can be handled when using the function of the light input to the camera.

As for the selfie camera, I feel they have made a significant improvement. It has achieved that when you want to take a selfie in a more general plane. It looks quite real and does not alter the size of the faces or protagonist objects. Something that if it happened with the Pixel 3 selfie camera.

When I used Pixel 3, the only complaint I had was the battery.

Therefore, I was looking forward to Google announcing a significant improvement in its battery with the new Pixel 4. However, that improvement was so little, if not void, that it has become somewhat disappointing.

The Pixel 3 had a capacity of 2,915 mAh. While the Pixel 4 has a battery smaller than 2,800 mAh. Although it has a larger screen that operates at 90 Hz and a radar system that continually monitors your movements, honestly, this makes no sense.

After knowing these values regarding the battery, it was expected that the Pixel 4 could not withstand a full day of charging. Taking into account that I use my phone regularly for many activities, from listening to music while I exercise, to do a few daily calls.

Without a doubt, the resistance of the battery will depend on the use that you give to your phone. But taking into account that these devices are becoming more indispensable in our daily tasks. I consider that the battery is a characteristic that any manufacturer should take as a priority, and I think Google again did not.

The price of the Google Pixel 4 XL starts at 899 dollars for the 64GB model, while the 128GB model has a value of 999 dollars.

Google Pixel 4 is a great phone. As we expected, it's strength is focused on his fast performance and camera.

Will it be a great decision to buy the new Pixel 4? Without a doubt, it is a fast, powerful phone with a great camera, but everything will depend on your budget.


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